It is hoped that this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will answer most of your questions.  (Click on the heading above which your question is asked)

The origins of Mobile Gabriel

  1. When did Mobile Gabriel come into existence, and why?
  2. Why is it called Mobile Gabriel?

Updating of Mobile Gabriel

  1. How often is Mobile Gabriel updated?
  2. Who is responsible for Mobile Gabriel?

Technical questions concerning Mobile Gabriel

  1. How do I add Mobile Gabriel to my PDA?
  2. How much space will I need for Mobile Gabriel on my PDA?
  3. Is a Spanish version of Mobile Gabriel available?
  4. Is there a website dedicated to Mobile Gabriel?
  5. What liturgical calendar is used?
  6. What translation of the scriptures does Mobile Gabriel use?

Support for Mobile Gabriel

  1. How can I support the efforts of Mobile Gabriel?

    The primary support that Mobile Gabriel solicits from all those who use this service - is prayer.  Pray for Fr. Schmitz who began Mobile Gabriel.  Pray for Romeo Paredes, Dennis Livelo, and Dean Livelo who keep the site current.  Pray for those who are studying for the priesthood.  And pray that those whom God is calling to the ministry of priesthood will be attentive to that call!


Other frequently asked questions:

  1. How large is the Mobile Gabriel community?
  2. Is there a Catholic version of the Bible for my PDA?
  3. May I use Mobile Gabriel on my PDA at Mass?