It is hoped that this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page will answer most of your questions.  (Click on the heading above which your question is asked)

The origins of Mobile Gabriel

  1. When did Mobile Gabriel come into existence, and why?
  2. Why is it called Mobile Gabriel?

Updating of Mobile Gabriel

  1. How often is Mobile Gabriel updated?
  2. Who is responsible for Mobile Gabriel?

Technical questions concerning Mobile Gabriel

  1. How do I add Mobile Gabriel to my Smart device/Ereader?

    You may access Mobile Gabriel from your web browser - whether on your computer or your internet-enabled ereaders, smartphones or tablets.
   If your smart device cannot connect to the internet (in case there is no wifi, 3G or LTE), you can use an ebook reader app (eg. Mobipocket, Kindle, EPUB etc) for offline reading.  For more information on adding an ebook reader app to your device, click here.

  1. How much space will I need for Mobile Gabriel on my Smart device/Ereader device?

    If you access Mobile Gabriel via an internet-enabled device, site-size is of no consequence; pages load quickly.  Should you access Mobile Gabriel via some type of eBook reader, data files average 300-350kb.

  1. Is a Spanish version of Mobile Gabriel available?

    If you visit www.evangelizacion.org.mx, this sites sends daily e-mails with Daily Readings, and a daily meditation in Spanish. You can also check out http://www.misas.org which provides the ability to download Mass Readings in Spanish to your PDA.

  1. Is there a website dedicated to Mobile Gabriel?

    All Mobile Gabriel files are available at http://www.mobilegabriel.com.  

  1. What liturgical calendar is used?

    The liturgical calendar is from the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church in the United States. However different countries use slightly different calendars. So feast days in a different country may be at odds with what is in Mobile Gabriel.

  1. What translation of the scriptures does Mobile Gabriel use?

    With the permission of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) Mobile Gabriel uses the New American translation of the scriptures.  

Support for Mobile Gabriel

  1. How can I support the efforts of Mobile Gabriel?

Other frequently asked questions:

  1. How large is the Mobile Gabriel community?
  2. Is there a Catholic version of the Bible for my PDA?
  3. May I use Mobile Gabriel on my PDA at Mass?